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Insurance Agency in Newtown, Pennsylvania

More than an insurance agency, McCorriston Agency Auto Tags & Insurance in Newtown, Pennsylvania, also provides state-approved DOT registration services for your convenience. We are proud to offer you affordable auto insurance quotes as an official Progressive® Platinum Agent.

Auto Tags
When moving or buying a car from a private party, you may transfer or register your automobile's tags through a private party, such as our company.

Come to our office for immediate, on-site, and legal duplication of your license plates and registration cards, in addition to issuance of temporary tags. Drive right away, as we collect sales tax on behalf of the DMV, so you never have to set foot in the their office.

Car, Insurance Agency in Newtown, PA

Online DOT Agents
Since we are licensed with the state, we are able to provide online registration for the Department of Transportation. Don't waste your time filing for a duplicate driver's license or renewal, when you can take care of all your business at our office.

Messenger Service
Receive a renewal or duplicate of your lost or stolen documentation in as soon as 24 hours with our bonded messenger service. Quick and efficient, we take your duplicate and renewal requests to Harrisburg daily.

Auto & Homeowner's Insurance 
As independent insurance agents, we are licensed through various insurance companies to find you the best price possible for your plan. The primary insurance carriers we work with include Progressive, Safeco, Foremost®, Plymouth Rock, National General and Infinity®.  We are proud to be among the select few Platinum Progressive Insurance Agencies.  The Platinum designation with Progressive enables us to offer better rates, particularly for customers who combine their automobile, homeowners and other polices such as umbrella, motorcycle and recreational vehilces. 


Progressive Platinum

Safeco Insurance

Plymouth Rock

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